Welcome to the VI Ukrainian-German Conference
Important dates
12-22 September 2018
15 July 2018
deadline for submission of applications for participation and abstracts is extended
20 July 2018
deadline for abstracts, theses and articles delivery is extended
30 July 2018
deadline for the submission of publications is extended
(Please make sure that the materials sent are received by the Organizing Committee.
The term for consideration of materials is 10 days. After that, a letter is sent to include the report in the conference program. )

31 July 2018
the deadline for confirmation of payment of the organizational fee
(please attach the scanned copy of the receipt for payment)
12 September 2018
arrival of participants in Odessa
13-21 September 2018
conference working
22 September 2018
departure from Odessa
This year the conference is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Odessa National Polytechnic University (ONPU) and will be accompanied by a number of festive events of a general and professional nature
Conference Subjects
Intelligence Information Technologies
  • Recognition, Decision Making, Forecasting;
  • Neural Network Technologies and Their Application;
  • Analytical Technologies, Deep Learning, Big Data;
  • Intelligence Sensorics;
  • Robotics.
  • Computer Networks, Systems and Their Components;
  • Internet and Communication Networks;
  • Social Networks;
  • Geoinformation Systems;
  • Information Security and Cybersecurity.
Digital Management and Business
  • Project and Program Management;
  • Digital Business Technologies;
  • Technical and Social Systems Management;
  • Business Analytics;
  • Quality Management, Metrology, Standardization, Certification;
  • Digital Control in Electromechanical Systems;
  • Energy Management and Energy Saving Technologies.
Education, Culture and Art
  • Innovative Technologies in Education;
  • Gaming Technologies;
  • Digital Technologies in Culture and Art;
  • Experience of International Universities and Industrial Partners Cooperation

The official languages of the conference are English, Ukrainian, Russian

1. Abstracts (2 complete printed pages) will be included in the collection of abstracts of the conference ICT-18 according to a pattern located on:

2. After the conference, the full texts reports of the conference participants will be published in one of the ONPU scientific journals (in separate issue). Requirements are sent on request. Payment for publication is made separately.

The registration fee for participation in the conference:
  • for Ukrainian participants is 350 UAH
  • for other participants is 100 EUR
(fee includes receipt of an electronic version of the collection of abstracts of the conference ICT-18).

Requisites for payment of registration fee (data in Ukrainian):
МФО: 322313
р/р: 26009000032098
Отримувач: ФОП КУЗНЄЦОВ М.О.
Код ЕДРПОУ: 3064520552
Призначення платежу: за консультування з питань інформатизації. ІКТ-2018. Прізвище та ініціали першого автора
Committees of the conference
Organization committee

G. Oborskiy, , Prof. Dr. Sci., Rector of Odessa National Polytechnic University (ONPU)


S. Antoshchuk, Prof. Dr. Sci., ONPU
V. Semenyuk, Prof. Dr. Sci., ONPU
Jürgen Sieck, Prof. Dr. Sci., HTW Berlin
V. Brovkov, Prof. Dr.-Ing., HS Augsburg
Volker Herwig, Prof. Dr. Sci., FH-Erfurt
Thorsten Schöler, Prof. Dr. Sci., HS Augsburg


O. Blazhko, As. Prof. PhD., ONPU
O. Kolesnikov, As. Prof. PhD., ONPU
O. Babiychuk, ONPU
Program committee
Albrecht Fortenbacher, Prof. Dr. Sci., HTW Berlin
Carsten Busch, Prof. Dr. Sci., HTW Berlin
Jürgen Scholz, Prof. Dr. Sci., HS Augsburg
Sabine Müllenbach, Prof. Dr. Sci., HS Augsburg
O. Arsirii, Prof. Dr. Sci., ONPU
O. Babilunga, As. Prof. PhD., ONPU
O. Blazhko, As. Prof. PhD., ONPU
A. Kobozeva, Prof. Dr. Sci., ONPU
E. Kolesnikova, Prof. Dr. Sci., ONPU
V. Krisilov, Prof. Dr. Sci., ONPU
M. Lobachеv, Prof. PhD, ONPU
T. Lugova, As. Prof. PhD., ONPU
G. Misiun, As. Prof. PhD., ONPU
E. Mykhailov, As. Prof. PhD., ONPU
S. Polozhaenko, Prof. Dr. Sci., ONPU
A. Sachenko, Prof. Dr. Sci., TNEU
R. Shaporin, As. Prof. PhD., ONPU
P. Teslenko, As. Prof. PhD., ONPU


Odessa, av. Shevchenko, 1, ONPU,
Institute of Computer Systems
(Building 3)
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