«Informatics. Culture. Technology»
Dear colleagues, students, lecturers who are interested to participate in the conference "Informatics. Culture. Technologies -2020" ! Unfortunately, we have to inform you that due to the coronavirus, the conference "Informatics. Culture. Technologies -2020" is canceled. The conference is postponed to next year.

We recommend you to take part in the conference "Information Control Systems and Technologies" (ICST-20) , which will be held in the period from 24 to 26 September, 2020.
With your consent, we can submit your theses to this conference. More details about the conference "Information Control Systems and Technologies" (ICST-20): groups/1297695647105081 events/201298907856338

Thank you for your interest in our сonferences!
Organizing Committee
Important dates
16-18 September 2020
1 July 2020
the deadline for submitting applications
20 July 2020
deadline for notification that the application has been accepted
31 August 2020
the deadline for the text publication
(Please make sure that the materials sent are received by the Organizing Committee.
The term for consideration of materials is 10 days. After that, a letter is sent to include the report in the conference program. )

01 September 2020
final date of fee payment confirmation for the participation (scanned copy of confirming document)
15 September 2020
arrival of participants in Odessa
16-18 September 2020
conference working
19 September 2020
departure from Odessa
Conference Subjects
1. Intelligent information systems and technologies
  • Theoretical and applied aspects of information systems
  • Methods and means of intellectual processing of information
  • Wireless systems and mobile applications
  • Information security technologies
2. Digital system control
  • Industrial management systems
  • Robotic systems and complexes
  • Project and program management
  • Transport systems and logistics
  • Energy management and environmental protection
3. Information technology for culture
  • Information and communication applications in culture and creativity
  • Experience of international cooperation between universities and industrial partners
  • Cyberculture, gaming computer systems and virtual reality
  • Information society technologies and problems of modest urbani
Official languages of the conference are English and Ukrainian
1. Abstracts (2 printed pages) will be included in the digest of articles ICT-20 according to the pattern
2. Authors should personally submit full-text articles to the scientific journals
«Bulletin of modern information technologies»
"Applied Aspects of Information Technologies"
as required in the journals.

Organizational fee for participation in the conference is 50€ (participation in plenary and sectional meetings of the conference, starter pack of conference materials and an electronic version of the abstract (PDF)).

Fee payment details are specified by the organizers.
Committees of the conference
Organization committee

H. Oborskiy, , Prof. Dr. Sci., Rector of Odessa National Polytechnic University (ONPU)


S. Antoshchuk, Prof., Dr., ONPU, Ukraine
A. Denysova, Prof., Dr., ONPU, Ukraine
V. Herwig, Prof., Dr., FH Erfurt, Germany
S. Kolot, As. Prof., Ph.D., ONPU, Ukraine
A. Kryński, Prof., Dr., Poloinia University in Częstochowa, Polska
T. Schöler, Prof., Dr., HS Augsburg, Germany
V. Semeniuk, Prof., Dr., ONPU, Ukraine
J. Sieck, Prof., Dr., HTW Berlin, Germany


Pavlo Teslenko, As. Prof., Ph.D., ONPU. Tel.: +38 (067) 940 04 51
Hlava Maria Ph.D., ONPU. Tel .: +38 (066) 732 42 47

Program committee
O. Arsirii, Prof., Dr., ONPU, Ukraine
O. Babilunga, As. Prof., Ph.D., ONPU, Ukraine
O. Blazhko, As. Prof., Ph.D., ONPU, Ukraine
V. Brovkov, Prof., Dr.-Ing., HSA, Germany
M. Chursin, As. Prof., Dr., ONPU, Ukraine
О. Honcharova, As. Prof., Ph.D., ONPU, Ukraine
C. Herta, Prof., Dr., HTW Berlin, Germany
Z. Kabza, Prof., Dr. hab. inz., PO, Polska
K. Kolesnikova, Prof., Dr., Taras Shevchenko NUK, Ukraine
V. Krisilov, Prof., Dr., ONPU, Ukraine
M. Lobachеv, Prof., Ph.D., ONPU, Ukraine
E. E. S. Lora, Prof., Dr., TU of Brazil, Brazil
T. Luhova, As. Prof., Ph.D., ONPU, Ukraine
H. Misiun, As. Prof., Ph.D., ONPU, Ukraine
E. Mykhailov, As. Prof., Ph.D., ONPU, Ukraine
S. Müllenbach, Prof., Dr., HS Augsburg, Germany
S. Polozhaenko, Prof., Dr., ONPU, Ukraine
T. Rozova, Prof., Dr., ONPU, Ukraine
A. Sachenko, Prof., Dr., TNEU, Ukraine
J. Scholz, Prof., Dr., HS Augsburg, Germany
R. Shaporin, As. Prof., Ph.D., ONPU, Ukraine
P. Teslenko, As. Prof., Ph.D., ONPU, Ukraine


+38(048)705 83 56
Odessa, av. Shevchenko, 1, ONPU,
Institute of Computer Systems
(Building 3)
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